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Guide for Home Maintenance

we would like to provide you with these guidelines to help you effectively maintain your apartment. Please read the instructions carefully so that you can make the most of them.


•  When you leave your apartment, always be sure that you have not left on any electrical appliances (even if you do not pay for your electricity, an electrical appliance left on without supervision can cause serious damage).

•  If you discover exposed electric wires (e.g. uncovered sockets or switches) or notice a burnt smell coming from your electric system, notify us immediately so that we can repair the problem as soon as possible.

•  If the electricity in your apartment goes off, please check that all of the switches in the distribution board are activated and switched on. If the circuit trips again after you switch it back on, there are two possibilities. One is an electricity overload on the circuit, which can be resolved by turning off one of the appliances connected to that circuit. Another possibility is that a faulty appliance is shorting out the circuit. Unplug all of the appliances and plug them in one at a time until you discover which one is shorting the circuit.

•  Once a week, check that the filters in your air conditioner are clean. Dirty filters increase electricity consumption and may cause damage to your air conditioner. If you discover that one of the filters is obstructed, remove it carefully, wash it under a faucet until all of the dust has been removed, and then return it to its original location.

•  Set the temperature on your air conditioner reasonably. Each degree that you reduce increases electricity consumption by 5%. Low temperatures may freeze the compressor or cause leaks. Be sure to leave a window slightly open near the air conditioner to let fresh air into the room.

Water :

•  Please make sure that none of your faucets have been left on or are leaking.

•  Check that water is not leaking in other places such as the toilet tank, sink, etc.

•  Check that the number of people living in the apartment is updated on your water bill in order to receive the discounts that
you are entitled to.

Kitchen :

•  Make sure that your kitchen faucet is not leaking or dripping.

•  Check that the space between the countertops and kitchen wall is completely sealed. Cracks in the sealant may allow water to leak through and damage the bottom cabinets.

•  Make sure that the siphon under the kitchen sink is not leaking. Leaks can be caused by overloading the cabinet and accidently moving or disconnecting the pipe while pushing items inside.

•  Do not overload kitchen cabinets to the extent that pressure must be applied to close the cabinet door. This may break the hinges.

•  Do not pour oil or any other types of fats into the kitchen sink (pour into the toilet instead). Oils can clog kitchen pipes. In addition, use diluted liquid soap to avoid clogging.

•  Do not place hot pots directly on the countertops to prevent cracks from forming.

•  Clean the kitchen cabinet doors every week. Accumulated dirt is absorbed into the door and cannot be properly cleaned.

Bathroom and Shower :

•  Make sure that after flushing the toilet, the water does not continue to flow into the toilet. Leaks of this kind may double your water bill.

•  Check that none of the pipes in the bathroom and shower are leaking.

•  After using the bathroom, will accumulate at the bottom of the toilet if it is not kept clean.

•  After showering, please open a window in order to prevent mold from growing on the walls.

•  Never throw wet wipes in the toilet, particularly when a pump is connected that may be burned out as a result.

•  If you dispose of the water used to wash floors through a drainage pipe, make sure that there are no firm substances mixed with the water that can cause clogging. This can be avoided by sweeping the floor before washing it.

Bedrooms :

•  Do not hang heavy items on closet doors. This may cause irreversible damage to the door hinges.

•  Makes sure that there are no exposed electric sockets and/or switches in the room.

•  Do not accumulate clutter under your beds.

•  Exercise extreme caution while closing window shutters. Slamming them shut can cause damage to the shutters.

•  Do not hang hooks or pictures on the walls or drill holes in the walls without explicit permission from the apartment owner.

•  When leaving a room, please leave the windows open in order to air out the room.

Miscellaneous :

•  Make sure that the pipe connected to your clothes dryer extends directly outside of the apartment.

•  Always leave a window open slightly to prevent mold from accumulating, especially during the winter

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