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Israeli Shortcut was established with great effort and an extensive financial investment without any external assistance. It operates on a fully voluntary basis. Our goal is to shorten the difficulties facing foreign citizens and stretch out a hand when they are lost and helpless.
Please give a donation so our organization can continue its important activities. Be a partner in helping us help others, show Israel's beautiful side and be ambassadors of goodwill. 

You can donate in one of the following ways:

                  A.  Through the link at the end of the page on the web site.
B.  Directly to our bank account:
Account name: Kitzur Derech Be'israel (Israeli Shortcut) 
Bank Name: Mizrahi Tefahot
Branch No. 403
Account Number: 694496 
To perform money transfers from abroad to our bank:
Swift Code: MIZBILIT
Account Number 694496  (6 Digits)
OR: IBAN No. IL 57 0204 0300 0000 0694 496
C.  U.S. citizens can donate to the organization and get a tax deductible receipt in the United States.
P.E.F. Company is the entity that issues a receipt for tax purposes in the United States for Israeli Shortcut.
You can only send an amount that is US $25 and more through them.
To get a U.S. tax deductible receipt for a check donation to Israeli Shortcut, please do the following:

                                                                  1.  Write down as the beneficiary of the check: PEF Israel Endowment Funds Inc.
2.  Where the check has a line specifying what the purpose of the check is for, write down the name of the association and the association number: Kitzur Derech 58-0606788.
3.  Once you have registered the details on the check as per the instructions above, send the check to the PEF company mailing address: P.E.F. Israel Endowment Funds Inc. 630 Third Avenue, 15th floor New York, NY 10017
PEF company will issue a receipt which will be recognized for tax purposes for the donor. The receipt will be sent to the address that appears on the check.
                             To facilitate matters, please inform us if you are donating to our organization through PEF. Drop us an email at: with your details and the amount you contributed to the donation. Here are sample check:  
Thank you for your contribution.
 Israeli Shortcut Registered Association 580606788.
The terms for cancelling the transaction are as stipulated in the Consumer Protection  Law
Israeli Shortcut was founded with much sweat and money, without any external funding
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