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The story behind the association

Mr. Zev Zer, the chairman of the association, has lived many years in Israel among foreign residents and knows first hand the difficulties and problems they encounter when trying to obtain their rights from various government offices. He has skillfully guided them in obtaining their objectives quickly so they remain with a good feeling about their stay in Israel.
The increased requests for help by foreign residents necessitated the establishment of an official body to represent them, coordinate their interests and act on their behalf in the various ministries, thereby saving them delays and frustration. Since many foreigners today come with their families, the need for our organization has never been greater. Knowing that help is available for them already gives foreign newcomers a good feeling about Israel.
Due to the support that we provide, immediately after foreign citizens come and settle in the country, they are favorably impressed with Israel’s beautiful side and look forward to a full physical and spiritual life in the Jewish homeland. We are thereby encouraging them to take the final step towards aliya and settle in the country for good. Our organization thereby advances the State’s needs as well.

The story behind the association
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