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Taking responsibility for the great need

The need:

Aliya to Israel is not the only way that a Jew connects to his land. There are thousands of Jews from abroad living in Israel —  students, families, and those living in Israel on a temporary basis — who deserve support and encouragement in dealing with the stressful challenges they encounter daily in their daily lives. We believe that emotional support and guidance is critical for them, just as it is essential for those who made aliya to Israel. By providing this assistance, our organization is filling in a vital missing gap of immigration organizations in Israel.
The law determines that foreign citizens living in Israel are Israeli residents who are duty bound to keep most of the State laws including; tax reporting and payments, getting an Israeli driver's license, paying Bituach Leumi (National Insurance) contributions, paying property tax, and keeping most other laws that apply to Israel citizens. But there is another side to the coin. Their status which confers liabilities, also confers many rights.
These rights are often not exercised because they are unaware that they are entitled to them and because they have no representation to ensure that they get them. Israeli Shortcut was established for this purpose. In the short time of our existence we have overcome many obstacles, and today foreign nationals living in Israel are now benefiting from many rights which they were deprived of for decades.There is no doubt that our activities have helped many to permanently settle in Israel.

Taking responsibility:
Having undertaken to deal with the needs of Jews from abroad living in Israel, our organization seeks effective solutions for the individual problems affecting the personal lives of each person or family who turns to us. Many of them have no supportive family and friends in the country, and they face numerous challenges due to cultural and language differences and lack of clarity. We patiently explain the bureaucratic processes and procedures and simplify them for them so they are easier, more understandable, clearer, and therefore less daunting and intimidating.

Its our turn to give back:
The establishment of Israeli Shortcut is also our way of showing gratitude for the kindness and generous support of our brothers in the Diaspora to all sectors of Jews in the Land of Israel. When their children and their families come to live among us in Israel, how can we not do everything in our power to help them, if only in return for all they have done for us over many years? Due to our warm embrace, dozens of families have decided to make the fateful decision to settle in Israel.

Taking responsibility for the great need
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