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General description of the organization and its goals

Our organization’s official goals:

To provide assistance and ongoing help to Jews from abroad living in Israel, encourage their immigration to and acclimatization in Israel, and assist them as they wade their way through Israel’s bureaucracy to obtain their benefits and rights.

General description:

​Israeli Shortcut is a voluntary organization promoting the status of foreign citizens and immigrants living in Israel. The areas of our activity include representing them before government and municipal agencies, removing bureaucratic and other barriers preventing them from exercising their rights, and providing their community and social needs.

Israeli Shortcut daily provides advice and assistance to foreign nationals in a variety of areas, including personal accompaniment to various government ministries and municipal authorities, and supplying information on their rights.

Why Israeli Shortcut is so vital:

Because of the multiple problems encountered by foreign residents and immigrants when dealing with government ministries and municipal authorities when they first settle in the country, it was necessary to found a representative bodt represent them and act on their behalf. Apart from technical difficulties such as inaccessibility to government officials and poor communication due to lack of fluency in Hebrew, we have catalogued a large number of complaints and problems that showed a grim picture of what foreign citizens were going through: Municipal authorities, government offices and the legal system are rife with draconian rules and regulations which prevent many foreign residents from exercising their rights. It sometimes seems as if the population of foreign residents living in the country are not considered part of Israel's population concerning basic benefits and standard services. Legislative amendments and laws have not been passed in favor of this population since the founding of the State.


General description of the organization and its goals
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